Introducing: Winning CAA Pilot Chapters!

In the most recent edition of EQUIPPED, we announced we would be taking applications for CAA Pilot Chapters, and held a book giveaway contest for those who applied. As the Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) celebrated our fourth anniversary on March 27, 2015, we are so thankful for the way the CAA Community discusses a wide […]

The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

The CAA read The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas: Paul’s Mars Hill Experience for Our Pluralistic World by Paul Copan and Kenneth D. Litwak, as part of Apologetics 315’s weekly Read Along program. This took place August through October. Each week, an audio introduction from Paul Copan was provided for that week’s chapter, along […]

3 Good Reasons To Question What You Believe

Introduction Many people like to ask questions, and not just basic questions that get us through day-to-day life, but questions that go beyond our basic routines. Questions that examine who we are, why we are here, from where have we come. Questions that are on all our minds, but many fear to ask. Some are […]

5 Threats Of Demanding Certainty To Change Your Beliefs

Introduction With the continual exposure to scientific, historical, and philosophical evidence for God’s existence, I am continually reminded of just how strong the case for God is, in general, and the truth of Christianity specifically. Often times I wonder how someone can have enough faith to be an atheist. It is often claimed by skeptics […]

Are Christians Inherently Biased?

There seems to be the perception in society today that Christians are inherently biased. Of course Christians cannot be great scientists for example because they are going to bring a religious agenda to the table that will color their research. Is it true? Are Christians inherently biased when they approach a subject?