Slideshow: What Best Explains Jesus’ Empty Tomb?

There is little to no debate among both Christian and non-Christian historians on the facts of Jesus’ empty tomb. By contrast, there is widespread debate as to what best explains those facts. The historical facts of Jesus’ death and empty tomb are these: Jesus was murdered and buried. Three days afterward, his body went missing. […]

A Response to the Friendly Atheist (Part 2)

This post continues a response to the July 30 CNN opinion piece article by Hemant Mehta, “The Friendly Atheist”, entitled “Why are millennials leaving church? Try atheism”. In Part 1, we looked at a number of arguments Mehta makes that I believe are either flawed or weak. Let’s now examine a few more.

A Response to the Friendly Atheist (Part 1)

It’s rare for me to get worked up anymore over statements that atheists make about Christianity. For many years now, I’ve debated and exchanged dialogs—both in person and over the Web—with many atheists and hatetheists (there is a difference) and have gotten pretty used to the primary arguments of the former group and the flawed […]

Slideshow: For Those Who Doubt Jesus Ever Lived

In the halls and classrooms of accredited universities and among scholarly historians—both Christian and non alike—the idea that Jesus of Nazareth never lived is ridiculous. However, in some internet atheist haunts, the claim is still very much alive. Is there good historical evidence for believing that Jesus existed? Absolutely. The seventh presentation of the free […]

Believing the New Testament

The next presentation in the Essentials of Apologetics series I described in an earlier post is now available. Why Scripture: A Defense of the New Testament focuses on the trustworthiness of the Bible and uses standard historical methods to affirm the reasonableness of its reliability. You can find the latest presentation either on the PowerPoint […]