Ask the Alliance is “Ask the Alliance?”

The first Friday of every month, the Christian Apologetics Alliance posts an “Ask the Alliance” question in our Facebook group, as well as a blog post here containing a selection of the best answers from the previous month’s question.

See the instructions and index below. Anyone can submit a question here, but it may be a while before you receive an answer:

How to Submit an Answer

In order to submit an answer, follow the most recent link in the index below to the discussion in the CAA Facebook group. Submit your contribution using these guidelines:

First, it is helpful to save your response on your computer in addition to commenting to the thread in the Facebook group, in case your comment is deleted and you want to improve it. We will not send you a copy of your deleted response.

Also, it is best not to answer from a device that does not allow you to edit your response, to avoid follow-up comments and multiple typos, which are grounds for deletion.

In order to get around our Facebook group’s privacy policy, please begin your comment with “Please consider this for inclusion” and end it with your name and optional blog. Please keep your comment under 400 words. You may include up to 3 resources for further study (resources will not count against word count). Don’t wait until the last minute to join the Facebook group in order to answer the most recent question, because there is a membership approval process.

Only the best answers will be included in the monthly “Ask the Alliance” blog posts, so take your time to craft the best response and provide the best further-study resources (up to three). You may begin posting answers immediately after the question is posted, and answers and edits will be accepted up to one week before the first Friday of the month.

What is the point?

This is a great way to contribute to the CAA’s goal of answering seekers, equipping Christians, and demonstrating the truth of the Christian worldview. We look forward to hearing the voice of the Alliance in these monthly “Ask the Alliance” posts on the CAA blog!

Join the discussion:

Question #1:
June 7, 2013. What happens to an individual who has never heard of Christianity or God at death?
June 14, 2013. Answered.

Question #2:
July 5, 2013. Would Moses have stoned the woman caught in adultery?
August 2, 2013. Answered.

Question #3:
August 3, 2013. Why aren’t there more Old Testament apologetics?
September 6, 2013. Answered.

Question #4:
September 6, 2013. Wasn’t Jesus God’s human son, who had to be made like God?
October 4, 2013. Answered.

Question #5:
October 4, 2013: How and where do I start learning which religion is true?
November 1, 2013. Answered.

Question #6:
November 1, 2013: Is Jesus the only Son of God, or a copycat myth? (clip from Zeitgeist)
December 6, 2013. Answered.

Question #7:
December 6, 2013: How do we explain the OT wars?
January 3, 2014. Answered.

Question #8:
January 3, 2014: Did God murder his son?
February 7, 2014: Answered.

Question #9:

February 7, 2014: Does God permit torture?
March 7, 2014: Answered.

Question #10:

March 7, 2014: What about animal pain and the violence in nature?
April 4, 2014: Answered.

Ask the Alliance is on hiatus while the CAA collaborates on our Catechism.