About the CAA

5949609305The Christian Apologetics Alliance is a group of Christians spread throughout the world with a common goal. We seek to love and serve God with all of our minds, and to be prepared to give a reasonable answer for why we believe as we do to those seeking Jesus Christ.

Within CAA we seek to employ the tools of logic, science, history, archaeology, and theology to provide a rational defense of our worldview. It is our hope that the information on these pages will inform and edify believers, strengthen the faith of those with questions, and open the door for those unbelievers willing to consider the Christian worldview.

Who Are We?

Simply put, we’re Christians. We don’t fit into one particular mold and we don’t come from one particular background. Within the Christian Apologetics Alliance you will find Catholics and Protestants, Calvinists and Arminians, Young Earth Creationists and Theistic Evolutionists.

What does unite us, however, is a deep love for Jesus Christ and a devotion to lifting each other up as we serve God and share our faith to a lost and hurting world.

While you will find many Christian academics within our group, we are open to any Christian interested in learning more about their faith. BornĀ as a Facebook group on March 27, 2011, we areĀ composed of high school and college students, interested laypeople, and professionals from many different backgrounds. We are also blessed to have world-renowned scholars who have devoted their lives to the cause of Christ.