Solving the Problem of Privatization

incarnational_apologetics_JR_Miller-120x120In this part of my ongoing series on Incarnational Apologetics, I want to explore the four key problems:

  1. Secularization
  2. Pluralization
  3. Privatization
  4. Polarization

Today’s video post picks up with a discussion of Privatization. So what is Privatization?  David Wells in  his book, “No Place for Truth”:

It is axiomatic that secularism strips life of the divine, but it is important to see that it does so by relocating the divine into that part of life which is private.

I define it as follows:

Privatization is the process through which individuals consent to remove all views of God, faith and practice from the public resulting in a loss of personal meaning and corporate shame.

This video goes on to define some of the challenges and solutions Christians must embrace if we are to embrace an incarnational apologetic.